Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fantasy Camp DVD case insert

I liked the DVDs that the Pirates created for us for the Fantasy Camp, but I was not real impressed with the packaging. The two DVDs came in a double CD case, which is kind of utilitarian if you ask me.

So I went ahead and created a DVD case insert for standard DVD cases. Here are a couple of files that you can download depending on what word processing software you have. (Right click on one of the links and select Save.)

Microsoft Word 3.x

To print these out, you will most likely need to use legal paper, as the width of the insert is almost the size of a standard piece of letter paper, and most printers cannot print that close to the edge of the paper. Also, I would recommend using a paper cutter instead of scissors to trim it down, it makes much nicer edges. The printed page is designed for you to trim away some of the printed part, so do not trim right along the printed edge, go a little bit inside for starters.

Experiment, remix, but most of all, have fun. I hope to see all of you fellow campers at the 2012 Fantasy Camp. Raise the Jolly Roger!

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