Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 2

Day 2 was a league double header day with 2 games. Oh the pain...

Game 1 (field 2, 10:30a) was against Team Carey, managed by Dave Cash and Bob Patterson. I had 3 pretty solid at-bats during the game, the first was a line drive out right at their shortstop, then I tripled with a runner on second for 1 RBI and then scored a run one batter later, and I had a single in the 7th inning. Also, I did some courtesy running, and managed to score another run. In the field, I played 3 innings at first base and had no putouts with two unfortunate flubs. One was a high throw that I probably should have had, and the other was admittedly a real tough play going back over my shoulder on a little pop fly. Then, I played 3 innings in right field and made 1 catch on a hard hit line drive by one of the better Carey players. Unfortunately, this all added up to a 15 to 8 loss to drop our record to 0 and 2.

Game 2 (field 2, 2:15p) was against Team Clemente, managed by Grant Jackson and John Wehner. At the dish in this game, I was hit in the left arm on a hard thrown pitch, I grounded into a fielder's choice, and I hit a single in the 7th inning. (Seems to be a theme.) And in the field, after seeing my antics at first base, Bob Walk moved me to the outfield, where I played 4 innings in right field with no chances, and 1 inning in center field, where I made a difficult catch on a long fly ball.

And then for the evening, I met up with some old friends of mine from when I lived down here in Florida, and we went to the Tampa Bay Lightning game where they defeated the Columbus Blue Jackets by a score of 4 to 2.


  1. When can I expect the full stats to be available?

  2. If there were only some kind of baseball stats tracking application available, I might be able to accommodate you. Ideally, I would pay a ton of money for something with a web based interface, and maybe a mobile app.