Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 6 and travel day

It was nice to play the second pro staff game of the day for a change instead of the eighth game of the day as I did in my first two camps, it left most of the day free. We didn't expect to do very well against the pros, and as it turns out that was exactly what happened. I played a couple of innings in the outfield and unfortunately dropped a fly ball hit by Omar Moreno, and at bat, I face Zane Smith who was really dealing. As per usual for this camp, I had the hardest hit ball of our game against Zane, but it was right back at him, and he flagged it down and threw me out at first.

Getaway day was pretty uneventful, and as I close out the narrative part of the blog for this year's camp, I am back amidst the snowy plains of Ohio.

I will post some camp summaries after I get a chance to recover a bit.

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